Digital signatures can be added to user profiles that can be generated automatically onto documents. Signatures work on any template that supports custom clauses.

To add a signature, the user must complete the signature form (see attached) so the Global Wizard Support Team can generate the proper image file. 

Please make sure to read the guidelines.

Once this form is completed, open a ticket and attach the form. Please specify your company and username.

Your request will be completed within 24-48 hours (excluding holidays and weekends).

Once your signature is in the system, users will need to create a clause.

To create a clause

  1. While logged into Global Wizard > “Select Customer” > Shipment Wizard > Client Data

  2. Click on “Clauses”

  3. Click on “New Clause”

  4. Name new clause with user’s name.

  5. In the text box type “______________________”. Press enter to add additional signature details such as name and title typed out.

  6. Click “Save”

Test your signature by generating a document that is supported by clauses.