Company admins have the ability to setup new users in Global Wizard.

  1. Login into Global Wizard
  2. Select “Shipment Wizard”
  3. Select Client Data
  4. Click on Users
  5. A list of users for your company should appear. At the top, select “Add Users”.
  6. For adding a new user, complete each box as necessary.
  7. To set user permissions easily, select a current user from the “Copy access From” dropbox. This will automatically allow permissions to be set for the new user.
  8. Click Save
  9. If you want to set permissions for the new user manually, go back to the user list and click on the new user. This shows that no access has been granted.
  10. Click on each application as necessary and select each function to allow access. Be sure to hit Save for each application.

  11. When users have access to each application. Their applications will look like this.
  12. Be sure to always click the Save button!