Selecting the History option will take the user to the Restricted Party Screening History page. 

This page will allow the user to search, view, resolve, and/or email the results of past screenings. The default sort on the table is by date, with the most recent at the top. 

Data Fields:

  • User - Provides a drop down list of your companies users to allow history searches by user

  • Country Selection drop down

  • Date Range From - Date you would like to start the search for Past Screenings

  • Date Range To - Date you would like to end the search for Past Screenings

  • Screening Entry - Allows users to search based on any portion of the original screening criteria

  • Reference - Allows users to search based on the reference used in the original screening(s).

  • Screening Type - Search Screening History by Name, Address, or All screenings

  • Resolution - Search Screening History by Resolved, Unresolved, or All Screenings

  • Action Taken - Provides a drop down of all resolution options allowing users to filter Screening History by a specific action taken

  • Magnifying Glass Icon - Button - Click to execute history search

  • X Icon - Clears filters

  • Magnifying Glass with a + - Click to go to the Screening form and execute a new screening