If you specified that your shipment record is a truck shipment, you will enter information specific to truck shipments on the Truck Information screen.

To define this information:

  1. In the Shipment Wizard application, create or find the truck shipment record for which you want to define the truck information.
  2. From the Logistics submenu, select Truck Information
    NOTE: If the Ocean Information or Air Information menu option displays, this shipment record represents a different shipment type, and you cannot enter truck information for it.
  3. The Truck Information screen displays and you can enter the following information for an air shipment:
    1. SCAC Code
    2. Carrier Name
    3. Booking Number
    4. Booking Date
    5. Service Contract
    6. Pro Number
    7. Containerized
    8. US Customs Border Crossing
    9. Departure City
    10. Departure State/Province
    11. Pickup Date
    12. Arrival City
    13. Arrival State/Province
    14. Estimated Delivery Date
    15. Domestic Routing
    16. Other Transport Information

  4. After you have provided all the necessary information, be sure to click "Save."